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Æbleskiver are traditional Danish pancakes, however formed like a small tennis ball. The Æbleskiver are baked on the stove top in a special oiled pan. The pan exists in versions for gas and electrical stoves (the latter with a plain bottom). Pans are usually made of cast iron, allowing good heat retention.


   FOR SALE - Small 7-hole Pan $35.00 - Cast iron       SOLD  OUT

                                                                     Pan 1


Pan 2 

Big 7-hole Pan $25.00 - Cast Iron -   Sold out




Sisterhood Songs

Danes likes to sing – so whenever a meeting, function, Convention or any     celebration takes place, there are special Sisterhood songs that are being used.            

A special CD has been created for that purpose and contains the following tunes:

“O Canada” - National Anthem of Canada
“Der er et Yndigt Land” - National Anthem of Denmark
“The Star-Spangled Banner” - National Anthem of United States of America
"God bless America" - America's unofficial national anthem
“Der er et land” - Sisterhood’s Opening Song and Song at the Alter
"Vift stolt paa Kodans Bølge" -  Sisterhood’s Initiation & Installation of Officers 
"Lullaby and Good Night" -  Sisterhood’s Closing song 
“Kong Kristian” -  Second National Anthem of Denmark
“Happy Birthday” - Celebration of birthdays

                        NO  LONGER   AVAILABLE

The CD may be re-recorded and available for purchase at a later time

Price to be determined

Danish Sisterhood – Dogwood Lodge 179
4175 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3S7


kroaften 220

Danish Cookbook

A special Danish Cookbook has been created with many great tasting recipes and our famous open-faced sandwiches.

                               SOLD  OUT

The Cookbook may be reproduced at a later time - Price to be determined.

Contact : Danish Sisterhood – Dogwood Lodge 179
4175 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3S7


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