Dogwood Lodge 179 Activity Schedule 2019







January 17th   


Sisterhood Meeting

Regular Meeting - Bylaws

Calendar of Events - Bingo  


  February  21st     5:30pm

Sisterhood Meeting

Short Meeting -

Theme: Valentine  


February 17th  - 1:30pm

PNW District

PNW Bowling Tournament  

Kenmore, WA

March 21st        


Sisterhood Meeting

- Wear Green -

Short meeting - Potluck

Theme - St. Patrick’s night  


April 26th - 28th     

PNW District Convention

Delegate & Alternate

Portland, OR

April 18th h   


Sisterhood Meeting

Regular Meeting

Theme: Easter   


May  5th  - 11:00am

Denmark's Liberation

Flag Day

Danish Church - BBY

May 16th


Sisterhood Meeting

Regular meeting 

Happy ‘Pinse’


May 23rd - 28th

Danish Federation

Convention - Delegate

Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 25th 

11am - 5pm   

Alexandra Multicultural Festival 

Danish Sisterhood Booth

Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach

June – 02nd - 11:00

 Danish Constitution day

Grundlovsfest  - Picnic

Scandinavian Centre

June 20th  


Sisterhood  Meeting

Short meeting -

Anniversary Dinner


Jun 22nd -  10am - 6pm

Jun 23rd  -  10am - 4pm

Midsummer Festival

Danish Tent

Membership Booth

Scandinavian Centre Thomas Street -  BBY




July  20th 


Sisterhood/Brotherhood Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ  - Pot-luck

16203  92nd Avenue


September 19th   5:30pm

Sisterhood  Meeting

Regular Meeting



October  17th  - 5:30pm

Sisterhood Meeting

Short Meeting

Theme: Halloween


November 01st  - 6:00pm


Danish Sisterhood group

Scandinavian Centre

November TBA  5:00pm



Scandinavian Centre

November 21st h    5:30pm

Sisterhood meeting

Regular Meeting

Prepare for Bazaar


Bring Bake goods

November TBA

10:00 - 4:00

Scandinavian Bazaar

Sisterhood Christmas Bazaar

Scandinavian Centre

December 5 - 5:30pm


 Christmas Party

Dinner & Installation


  • Dates listed in RED - Subject to change






Dogwood Lodge 179  DOGWOD LODGE 179 holds 10 meetings a year.

Six formal (business) meetings are held at Carl Mortensen's Auditorium in Burnaby, BC (entrace from Kincaid)  on the 3rd Thursday in January, March, May, June, September and November at 5:30pm 

Four Social meetings shall be held in February, April, October and December. - Location, time and date will be announched prior.

The members of the Lodge also participate in many other events in the community during the year.

In February we celebrate Valentine's Day Image result for heart clipartat our meeting



bowling 220Bowling

Each year in February or March the PNW (Pacific NorthWest) District sponsors a Bowling Tournament for the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood with their friends and families. Coffee and pastry is served prior to the game, while all participants are gathering. After the Trophy awards ceremony, a Banquet dinner in being held - usually including open-faced sandwiches.

The bowling tournamnet 2020 will be held in Kenmore, WA on Feb. 29th.

In March  Image result for st. Patrick day leafSaint Patrick's Day is honoured with a special Theme party duing our meetings - and members all dress up in GREEN

In April it's  Easter time  - and we mark the meeting with an Easter ThemeImage result for easter clipart


Alexandra Festival  Alexandra Multicultural Festival

At the end of May each year the Danish Sisterhood is invited to participate in  the annual Festival.  You can browse through more than 60 crafters or try  your luck at the draw prize.There is many kind of refreshments available all day long and a beverage garden. It is a family fun day with lots of attractions, activities and live entertainment at Camp Alexandra at  Crescent Beach in White Rock, BC.   

The Festival in 2020 will be held on May 30th.                                                      


grundlovsdag 220Grundlovsdag

This day is observed on June 5 in Denmark and commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of 1849, which established Denmark as a constitutional monarchy, and honors the constitution of 1953, which was adopted on the same day. Almost all workplaces and shops in Denmark are closed at noon on this particular day and political rallies and meetings are traditionally held.

This day is also Father's Day in Denmark.

The Danish Sisterhood celebrate Denmark's Constitution day with a picnic yogether with many other Danes each year at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby and many bring their Pet Club members.

The Celebration in 2020 will be held Jun. 06th at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby.

 kroaften 220Kroaften

On the 1st Friday in each month Kroaften takes place at the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby, where open faced typical Danish sandwiches are served  It is a festive evening and is always a sell-out.

Reservations are a must!

The Danish Sisterhood participate as a groung each year in April and October or November.

In 2020 the Danish Sisterhood group will attend Kroaften on Fri. Arp.03rd and Fri. Nov. 06th 

anniversaries 220Anniversary Celebration

In recognition of some Sister’s long time membership in Dogwood Lodge, an anniversary celebration and dinner takes place in June in honour of their many years of support to the Lodge.

At the same time special round Birthdays are also celebrated - and evening not to miss.

fairCountry Fair

For many years  - in June - we participated in the Country Fair held at the CMM Auditoriom or on Dania's Grounds, where we presented our display table and gave information about the Danish Sisterhood Lodge 179 - and how to become a member in our Organization.

Effective 2012 The Danish Sisterhood no longer participe in this Event.


Midsummer fest 1Scandinavian Midsummer Festival

At the end of June each year the Danish Sisterhood participate in the Danish tent at the Festival in Burnaby where we join all the other Scandinavian Countries  by promoting not only our Country but also our Lodge -Thousands of people visit the Scandinavian Community Centre every year to celebrate the traditions and festivities of Scandinavian Midsummer. The Festival is organised, with fun-filled activities, living history and non-stop entertainment for the whole family.

Membership application forms to join our Organzation are available.

In 2020 the dates are : Jun. 27th & Jun. 28th .

See you in the Danish tent!

picnic 220Picnic

A summer pot-luck is held each year – usually during the month of July or August. Together with the Danish Brotherhood we enjoy a wonderful day with song and laughter while being served either a whole barbequed pig, salmon or chicken from the grill.

Date: Jul. 20, 2020



At our October meeting the theme is Halloween - and members dress up in various costumes - Special prizes are   awarded and several games associated with Halloween parties are played. Many delicious dishes are served including typical Halloween cookies, candy and desserts. A fun evening.


bingo 220Bingo

A Brotherhood/Sisterhood Bingo/'Andespil' is held each year in November at the Scandinavian Centre. After the winners have been awarded with many wonderful prizes, our famous Danish open-faced Sandwiched, made by the sisters, are served and the evening ends with dancing.


A Scandinavian Fall/Christmas Bazaar is held in November each year at the Scandinavian Centre.

The Sisters are baking all their famous Danish specialties (which are sold out in the first two hours) and and creating their handicraft and many different kind of paraphenelia, which all goes on sale at the Bazaar.

                                                                                Come shop early for Christmas!

agm 220AGM

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in November of each year.
 New Officers are elected for the coming year.

 All members have voting rights.

christmas 220Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is held in beginning of December and is a great evening full of festivities, 'Julegaver' (gifts) and door prizes. After a typical Danish Christmas dinner is served, the sing-a-long' starts with well known Christmas tunes both in English & Danish.

Raffle tickets are sold and the proceeds goes to our chosen charity.

The official Installation ceremony  of the new Officers voted on at the AGM in November tales place in a 'hyggelig' Danish atmosphere during the evening.

In 2020  our Christms paty will be held on Dec. 03rd.

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