Effective January 2015  – We now only have 1 membership category available for new members in Canada:

 GENERamber heart 100Al AMBER  Membership
 To become a new  of the Dogwood Lodge #179, an application must be submitted with the  
 annual  Fee Cad 42.00 which include the Danish National Sisterhood Newsletter 12 times a year. 
 (no initiation fee required). 
 amber heart 100
SENIOR AMBER Membership-  the year a member turns 65 years of age -
 a 10% Senior Rate  will now apply.
amber heart 100 YOUTH AMBER Membership category is free - until they  turn 14 years of  age
 parent or grandparent must be an Amber member) - after age of 14 they join the Amber
 membership category and pay dues
The dues will no longer be prorated monthly for new members but now only twice a year when joining
(Jan. - Jun.) - pays full dues ) - and  (Jul. - Dec.) - prorated at 50%)

Once a member - the membership Fee is due in January each year.

All Members will further receive a Danish Sisterhood Pin, a membership list and a copy of the Bylaws and Constitution and the local DOGWOOD NEWSLETTER 4 times a year.


Please join us for a 'hyggelig' evening and get-together once a month and become part of the Danish Sisterhood.
We strive to strengthen, maintain and preserve the Danish heritage and traditions for future generations.


For more information and Membership Application form - please contact:

The Danish Sisterhood - Dogwood Lodge 179
4175 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3S7


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