Effective January 2015  – We now only have 1 membership category available for new members in Canada:

 GENERamber heart 100Al AMBER  Membership
 To become a new member of the Dogwood Lodge #179, an application must be submitted with the annual  Fee Cad 42.00 which include the Danish National Sisterhood Newsletter 12 times a year.  -  (no initiation fee required). 
 amber heart 100
SENIOR AMBER Membership-  the year a member turns 65 years of age -
 a 10% Senior Rate will now apply.
amber heart 100 YOUTH AMBER Membership category is free - until they  turn 14 years of  age
 parent or grandparent must be an Amber member) - after age of 14 they join the Amber
 membership category and pay dues
The dues will no longer be prorated monthly for new members but now only twice a year when joining
(Jan. - Jun.) - pays full dues ) - and  (Jul. - Dec.) - prorated at 50%)

Once a member - the membership Fee is due in January each year.

All Members will further receive a Danish Sisterhood Pin, a membership list, a copy of the Bylaws, the Constitution, a historcal informative Manual and the local DOGWOOD NEWSLETTER 4 times a year.


Please join us for a 'hyggelig' evening at our formal meetings (usually Danish open-faced Sandwiches are served) or a Social get-together once a month and become part of the Danish Sisterhood. 
All meeetings are conducted in English, though Danish are heard throughout the meeting as spoken by many of the members.
We strive to strengthen, maintain and preserve the Danish heritage and traditions for future generations.

For more information and Membership Application form - please contact:

The Danish Sisterhood - Dogwood Lodge 179
4175 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3S7


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