PNW Convention

The Danish Sisterhood in the Pacific Northwest District has held 70 Conventions.

The Danish Sisterhood in the Pacific Northwest hold their Conventions every year in the Spring and members from all the PNW Lodges participate.

 The first PNW Convention was held in 1950. 

There are 6 Lodges in the PNW District:

Thyra Lodge # 19 - Tacoma, Wahington

Evergreen Lodge # 40 - Seattle, Wahington

Unity Lodge # 75 - Enumclaw, Washington

Mt. Hood Lodge # 81 - Portland, Oregon

Dogwood Lodge #179 - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hygge Lodge #188 - Enumclaw, Washington

Portland, OR
April 26 - 26, 2019

69th PNW Convention
Enumclaw, WA
April 6 - 8, 2019

 portland 420x195  Enumclaw
See pictures from the PNW Conventions in the Photo Gallery​

OFFICERS 2018 - 2019
pnw officers 2018 2019 600X450

First row (from left): Past President, Nancy Stangland – President, Marian Case - 1st Vice President, Patti Olsen – Treasurer/Secretary, Emily Olsen –

Second row (from Left): National Installing Officer, Linda Holz – Marshal, Rebecca Thomas - 1st Trustee, Gloria Finkbeiner  - 2nd Trustee, Cheryl  Wilson – 3rd Trustee, Elizabeth Hansen - Marshall, Rebecca Thomas – Installing  Marshal, Karin Plagens

OFFICERS 2017 - 2018
PNW District Officers 2017 2018

Top row ( left to right): President, Nancy Stangland , Past President, Jannet Tricarico, Treasurer/Secretary, Emily Olsen, Vice President, Marian Case.  

Bottom row (left to right) : 1st Trustee, Patti Olsen, 2nd Trustee, Gloria Finkbeiner, 3rd Trustee, Jan Baer, Marshal ,Rebecca Thomas    

OFFICERS 2016 - 2017

Front row ( Left to Right): 2nd Trustee, Jan Baer, Secretary/Treasurer, Karen Favero, 1st Trustee, Patti Olsen and Past President, Jannet Tricarico

Back row: 3rd Trustee, Gloria Finkbeiner, Vice President, Marian Case, President, Nancy Stangland and Marshal Rebecca Thomas    

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